Soft Sew Tailoring Has Been Developed By Sartor London To Work In Line With The Physical Attributes Of The Modern Man. “less but better".

Sartor London continues to bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and luxury tailoring with the development of a process we call the "Soft Sew". Nowhere is the relationship between the attributes of luxurious cloths, the male form and skill of the maker own hands more evident than in the construction of the Soft Sew garment.

Master tailor and creative director Faiyaz Amlani, created the soft sew technique to work inline with the changing physical attributes of the modern male form. In an age where greater attention is spent on choosing the correct diet and physical exercise, the male body has become more athletic in both appearance and structure. Amlani who himself was a professional athlete wanted to complement the modern man by exquisitely draping the cloth from the body without building in the unnecessary structure that exists in traditional tailoring he refers to this as "less but better".