The Essence of Personal Tailoring.

Sartor London takes pride in developing both bespoke and made to measure tailoring, using the finest British and Italian cloths to curate exquisite garments and build an elegant and versatile wardrobe that is individually tailored to our client's needs, we are proud to work with the finest artisan tailors, finishers and pressers, to create the worlds most luxurious that pays tribute to the traditions of Savile Row.

Sartor London develop each garment individually to ensure all details are exact and in line with the balance of the figure, our jackets are constructed around a full canvas, ensuring our suits are lightweight, supple, luxurious, and longlasting. 



Sartor London woollens are the finest in the world, exclusively sourced to ensure all our garments are both luxurious and long lasting. 

We support the British textile industry and are absolutely passionate about reviving British textiles. Working closely with our mills in Great Britain to allow us to boast a large selection the finest British cloths available.

Our stock bunches contain over 8000 cloth patterns, from 6 1/2oz to 32oz in weight, and from Super 100's grade to Super 250's, cashmere and vicuna. Our tailoring consultants will assist you in making the appropriate cloth choice and we are always delighted to offer advice, whether for a single suit, or the assembly of a complete wardrobe.


Both our Bespoke and made to measure suits are individually cut by hand matching all necessary stripes and checks if required and the cutters eye is all important ensuring, details are exact and in line with the balance of the figure. 

The whole process requires time and experience to transform the cloth into a three-dimensional structure to create harmonious and flattering lines, allowing for all the small imperfections of the gentleman's form.




Sartor London takes pride in developing exquisite garments and the making of our bespoke suit can involve up to eleven craftsmen, working up to 60 hours to produce garments that are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.


Sartor London emphasis the importance’s of considered details, choosing the right trims such as genuine horn and mother of pearl buttons is an Instrumental part of our design process that greatly enhances the overall look of the suit. 

We finish and press all our garments by hand and our signature Milanese Lapel Buttonhole  serves as a “thumbprint” to identify Sartor London's suits and jackets 


Finally - Suit Rotation

Rotate your suits and avoid wearing on consecutive days, Investing in one or more suit and additional trousers is not an indulgence, it makes sense. Alternating between suits will allow them to last longer.