“Consider Sartor London as the 007 of the bespoke tailoring world”

Sartor London is according to Debonair Magazine the 007 of mens bespoke tailoring

Debonair Magazine

Sartor London’s tailoring service would put many five, six and seven hotels to shame. Consider this the 007 of the tailoring world. Not only do they use British and Italian fabrics that evoke the traditions and classic codes of Savile Row tailoring, but their ‘private client experience’ service is astounding: definitely one for those with an eye for opulence.

While they don't have bricks and mortar in Dubai, they might as well. Regularly flying out to meet their vast clientele in the UAE, Sartor London regulalrly fly in for fittings and consultations in the Armani Hotel and the like to fit customers for suits.

But it's not just Dubai they will come to. Sartor will fly their creative director to your location in helicopter to any location you specify — even if that’s on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. But that’s not all, they also offer limo airport pick-ups and a butler service during your consultation and fitting. Either way, by helicopter or limo, Sartor’s is a service that is a pack leader right now.

Our verdict: One for the high-flier

Sartor London in the latest edition of world Traveller
Sartor London's Faiyaz meets Tthe team at the Memo By Joel and Son

World Traveller

Sartor London is the brainchild of menswear designer and former pro golfer Faiyaz Amlani who established the brand to celebrate the art of dressing well, and to help recapture the essence of classic menswear from a bygone era. It utilises some of the finest materials in luxury attire.


The Memo By Joel and Son

What Faiyaz Amlani, of ‘Sartor London’ doesn’t know about tailoring isn’t worth knowing. Recently voted Best Luxury Bespoke Tailor in the Middle East by Debonair Magazine, Sartor London’s elite clientele includes royalty, and spans multiple continents, from the UK, to America, Asia and the Middle East.

All of Sartor’s clients return for the same reason: Faiyaz and partner James Armstrong provide a service that goes beyond simply measuring, cutting and delivering an impeccably hand-crafted, customised suit. They strive to create a full experience for their customers, and cultivate a relationship that allows them to truly understand their tastes, their lifestyle, and who they are. The result is magnificent suiting, constructed from only the very highest quality materials, that perfectly conveys the personality and the style of each individual wearer. In Faiyaz’s words, ‘it is as bespoke as you can get.’

We grabbed a few minutes with Faiyaz when he stopped by our London store to pick up some new cloth, and here’s what he had to say about suit fits, the joys of bespoke tailoring, and our latest delivery from Zegna, the 'Traveller' range.

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