This is a brief guide to help you maintain your suit and we would encourage you to go to contact us at for more in-depth advice, where we  will be happy to answer your enquiry..


We suggest that you avoid dry cleaning your suit unless it’s absolutely necessary. Dry cleaning strips the wool of its natural oils and will cause damage over time causing the natural fibres to weaken.


Brushing your suit with a soft bristled brush will remove any lint, hair and surface dirt that will have been collected during the course of the day.


Store your suits on a wide hanger that supports the shape of the shoulders, make sure you leave plenty of space between garments and then place in a breathable, dust proof bag.  This will keep it clean, prevent moths and allow the creases to hang out.

Suit Rotation:

Rotate your suits and avoid wearing on consecutive days


Investing in one or more suit is not an indulgence, it make sense. Alternating between suits will allow them to last longer.