Sartor London would like to offer you a brief guide to help maintain your suit. If you have any further questions, or would like more in-depth advice, please feel free to contact us at 


We suggest that you avoid dry cleaning your suit frequently. Although dry cleaning your garment will aid in the removal of spots and stains, the chemicals used in the process tend to strip the wool of its natural oils and will cause the natural fibres to weaken over time. Instead, request that your dry cleaners "Sponge & Press" your garment. This is a process in which steam is applied to lift any minor stains and then pressed softly to re apply shape.


Brushing your suit with a soft bristled brush will remove any lint, hair, or surface dirt that may have gathered on to the garment during the course of the day. But beware as even brushing too frequently can loosen the natural fibres of your garment.


Store your suits and jackets on a wide edge hanger that supports the shape of the shoulders. Make sure there is plenty of space between garments, and cover the garment in a breathable, dust proof bag.  This will keep it clean, prevent moths, and allow the creases to fall out.

Suit Rotation:

Rotate your suits throughout the week and avoid wearing on consecutive days. This will maximise the life of the garment. 


Investing in multiple suits is not an indulgence, it just make sense. Alternating between suits will allow them to last longer.